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Thanks for checking out our page, we are happy to say we are at a new location this year, the site owner does not have a house this year so did up his parents house, His mother enjoys the lights as much as son, it looks really good, we have worked on it for a good 3 days solid lots of old lights did not work and had to be reworked but its worth it.

We had static display for years at the old location and but we brought the animated control to the new house its just a Mr.Christmas box but it works for us and looks really nice to us.

New For 2009:

Re done the Merry Christmas sign with cuting out the letters and just puting lights behind it luminates so you can read the sign just white but looks nice.

We have a Ceader tree thats about 11 foot tall it is my "maga tree" this year it has 2 sets red, 2 set whites, one blue and one green on it. looks nice dancing to music.

We have a Big Cross that was at old location has 400 lights on it

14 Candy canes at walkway

5 rain deer

1 Sleigh

A star on house has 50 lights on

1 blow mold Santa

2 min trees each 100 lights

2 spiral trees one 100 count one rope light

3 set net lights

2 other rope lights

3 sets icles on the house

A static Santa,Candy cans,Angel in windows of porch

All together we have right at 4400 lights not quit as many as at old house but other person got some of the lights.

Location Just off od Rockmart road and Coppermine road in Buchanan Ga. the lights should be on every friday and saturday night from 6pm to around 10pm and on sunday from 6pm to about 9pm. If your in the area drive by and see them.

DO NOT DRIVE DOWN DRIVEWAY There is a pager that warns of people in drive! Feel free to stop and watch the show, not a great location for watching but all I have this year. Plays 6 songs I belive it is.

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